STOP THE CLOCK! Is a compelling, educational and factual series on topics that are critical to the matures, baby boomers and the younger generations.


Each day we inch closer to finding the fountain of youth. Medical researchers release new discoveries, advances and hope in the field of anti-aging, health,  beauty and cosmetic medicine everyday.  The hundreds of possible featured stories that will consume the attention of this generation are literally endless.

  • Anti-Aging and Longevity Institutes popping up all over the country! … What do they do?

  • Some make claims to be able to reduce or alleviate pre-disposed genetic risk factors by using a combination of nutrients, anti-oxidants, medicine, physical therapy & pain management. One European Institute built a reputation on several different philosophies including the use of pro-caine,” a water and fat soluble anti-oxidant injected into the muscle.

This treatment has been found to create a lining on the cell walls that in turn helps to protect against the invasion of toxins and rejuvenates new cell growth. It has been successful in treating Parkinson’s Disease and arthritis. Another American based institute
stipulates premature aging to be considered a nutritional deficiency syndrome. Their objective is to create precursors in the biochemical pathways of hormone production, transport and reception which are lacking in the standard American diet.

  • Human Growth Hormones, hormone replacement or augmentation (melatonin, dehydrepiandrosterone, DHEA, and others) are controversial, however, administration of hormonal precursors is less so. The reason behind this is that growth hormone levels drop with age and the logic has been to restore the patient’s levels to that a 20-30 year old.
  • Biochemical and Chromosomal therapies such as the reversal of apoptosis, or programmed cell death has introduced telomerase activation. Chromosomal manipulation is truly at the frontier of anti-aging.
  • What are Fetal Stem Cells? Among the costliest of the modern anti-aging treatments is cellular therapy. This new and revolutionary treatment may be the next ticket to the fountain of youth!
  • New therapeutic interventions for anxiety, depression, stress and the role of cortisol in premature aging. The electronic information processing technologies have sparked a revolution in the conceptual modeling of neurodevelopment.
  • Botox Injections is botulism used to paralyze certain facial muscles to prohibit the new formation of lines. Believe it or not, this is the number one cosmetic procedure being performed in the country on men and women!
  • Sexual dysfunction and the new “Viagra” like drugs or male testosterone replacement therapies…
  • Power peels, micro-dermabrasions, coblation, karite extract, retinol treatments, glycolic and Fruit acids, vitamin serums… all used for the reversal of UVA and UVB skin damage.
  • Anti-aging food, nutrition studies and holistic vitamins…
  • Detection of Coronary Artery Disease using Electronic beam tomography
  • The treatment of breast cancer and menopause are topics that have grown tremendously among women. Phytohormones are essential compounds that modulate steroid hormone metabolism. These compounds offer more benefit than ERT (estrogen replacement therapy or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and do not have any deleterious side effects.
  • The latest cardiovascular exercise crazes, pilate machines, yoga, weight management, senior strength training and new optional surgeries for obesity.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, 75 trillion cells love oxygen!
  • Pain management, acupuncture, rolfing and some of the latest massage techniques…
  • Electro-magnetic therapy…being used for everything from bone repair to superficial soft tissue pain and edema.
  • Early Detection and Intervention of Osteoporosis
  • Soft form, the latest development of soft tissue augmentation, facial sagging, lips,…
  • Liposuction on the rise, Ultra Sound assisted liposuction, Non-Invasive Lypolysis…are they safe?
  • Endoscopic surgery and revolutionary advances in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery
  • What are the latest mind, body, spirit philosophies, technologies and medical advances as we navigate through the new millennium? As the demand steadily increases, how educated is the public?


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