Resourcing the A-list secrets for longevity, this new show features the luxury lifestyles of the world’s most influential people, who after years of exploring everything from ancient traditions to the latest cutting edge technologies, share secrets for maintaining a healthy vibrant and long lasting life.

The show features individuals and institutes across the globe in search for the fountain of youth. The best kept secret is that many of these trade secrets are obtainable to most anyone and provide affordable opportunities to look and feel better.

These 5-12 minute show segments highlight the latest information on stem cells, human growth hormones (HGH), biochemical or chromosomal therapy, holistic medicine, disease prevention, anti-aging and organic food and wine, educated use of vitamins, nutrients, hormone and drug therapies, weight management and the newest in cosmetic weight loss, life-coaching techniques, breakthrough skin care products and treatments, exercise philosophies for 30+, cosmetic lasers, botox, preventative maintenance and secrets from around the world that help slow the aging process, wellness centers, luxury spas, healthy travel programs and overall mind-body-spirit approaches to aging.

The show provides personal interviews with celebrities and high profile personalities and guests who are considered experts on the topic, present studies, results and demonstrate how procedures and treatments are performed.

Our special segment correspondents travel around the globe exploring and reporting on topics that viewers will find informative and engaging. These roving reporters are individuals with which our viewers identify with easily and are able to wear many hats, in turn, rolling out special segments that feature dynamic people and hot topics.
State of the art digital video and editing equipment is used in production and a software platform “App” supporting viewer access through mobile phones and tablets anytime, anywhere is available at the iTunes store.

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