STOP THE CLOCK! is a television program and web series featuring anti-aging and longevity breakthroughs that are consuming our generation.

Seventy-eight million baby-boomers and seventy-six million Gen-Xer’s are obsessed with maintaining a healthy and youthful presence. Anti-aging medicine is a 40 billion dollar annual market – the fastest growing sub-specialty in medicine today. Medical science continues to prove that aging, by and large, is a treatable condition.

External and internal methods that will help one “age gracefully” are the focus of our society as we pioneer a new millennium.

Each day we inch closer to finding the fountain of youth, what are the latest mind, body and spirit philosophies? Medical researchers release new discoveries, advances and hope in the field of anti-aging and longevity medicine everyday. As the demand steadily increases, how educated is the public? The interest continues to grow at a rapid pace. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop the clock? The old aging clock that is. As our generation is inundated with conflicting reports on the latest anti-aging techniques, our show cuts through the confusion with straight talk, verifiable facts and results by providing information on revolutionary advances in anti-aging, longevity, beauty, cosmetic medicine and overall wellness while exploring secrets of the wealthy or your favorite celebrity. Industry experts release new discoveries on a daily basis creating a need for a reliable segment series to lead us through the war on aging.


Welcome to the Stop The Clock TV Show

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